EX•LOAD File Search Engine

  • Access from any device

    You can share files with anyone who uses a PC, tablet or mobile phone. It's easy!

  • It's 100% reliable

    We care for the secure storage of your files. We are here 24/7 to make sure that your files are safe

  • It's 100% secure

    We provide the highest level of protection for your files and secure way to store your information!

  • Use anytime

    Ex-Load reliable cloud storage system that allows you to access your files whenever you need it

  • Any point of the globe

    High speed from any location with internet access! Gigabit networking and high-performance server!

  • All payment methods

    Many ways to pay for our services. Bank cards, alternative and regional options

ExLoad and Premium Account Benefits

After logging in to the Ex-Load site, you cannot upload files or download an uploaded file. These transactions can only be done by users who are premium members of the site. Therefore, if you have a file upload and share site, it is possible to make good earnings through ExLoad. The site offers many advantages to premium members. If you join the system as a 30-day premium, you will get a 65GB download limit in 30 days in total in 2 days. In the 90-day premium account, you will be able to download 3 TB of files in total, 6 TB in the 180-day premium, and finally you will have a total of 12 TB in the 365-day, ie 1-year account.

ExLoad and Premium Prices

When you want to buy a premium account on Ex-load.com, the 30/90/180 and 365-day premium options are available for 60 days in 180 days, while giving additional 120 days in 365 days. The premium price of 30 days is 15 euro, 90 days 35 euro, 180 days 60 euro and finally 365 days 100 euro. Also, if you get the key for ex-load from different sites, you can easily enter the site from your account section and become a premium member. The site sells premium through many payment channels including Visa, Master, Paypal, Alipay, Qiwi, Paysafe, iDeal, Neteller, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Paysera, Webmoney and Litecoinda, users have no problem in this regard.
  • Starting out with the slogan of flexible file upload, Ex-Load offers the possibility of downloading and uploading files at gigabit speeds.
  • Ex-load.com, which has over one hundred thousand members, supports English, Russian, Japanese and German languages. It is possible to upload data to the site using your browser or remote upload or file transfer via FTP.

How Do I Make Money on Ex-Load.com?

Exload has a pay-per-sale system, which gives 60% of the premium fee as a reward for those who buy premium and renew it the next time. The minimum payment is 20 Euros and the payments are usually made on the same day.